Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sefer Torah

Dear Friends,

The untimely, inexplicable and tragic loss of David Rottenstreich, Dovid Chaim ben Zvi Akiva, a’h has placed a large hole in our hearts and minds. The past few months since his petirah have been very troubling for many of us. His absence is unfathomable; many try to make sense of the events in varying ways; however we must trust that Hashem has His ways which, at times, challenge our human spirit.

There is no doubt that David’s image and spirit are indelibly imprinted in our hearts; his memory is everlasting to his family and friends. David was a true Torah Jew in every sense of the word. His love of the Torah was evident in his entire persona: Limud hatorah, chesed, concern for another Jew, seeker of peace, shmiras halashon, proper kavana during tefila were all at the core of his existence. He was a meticulous young man who gave great nachas to his family and was beloved by his dear friends. From the inception of his illness it became quite apparent that his network of close friends was enormous. The quantity and quality of the learning and tefilot that ensued on his behalf were incredible. The outpouring of concern and love was, and continues to be, comforting to his dear family and friends.

It is now up to us to continue his legacy and to properly remember this wonderful young man who was taken from us so prematurely. There are many ways to memorialize a niftar; however, it is particularly poignant that David’s memory be actuated with his specific virtues in mind. What better way to honor David’s memory than to have a Sefer Torah written in his memory? As you may know, every Jew is charged with the mitzvah of writing a Sefer Torah during his lifetime. David was not given the opportunity to fulfill this directive during his lifetime. However, given his fervent commitment to the performance of mitzvos and his incredible yiras shamayim, we believe that there is no doubt thathe would have wanted to accomplish this extraordinary mitzvah.

David was committed to many worthy ideals, one of which was community. The Young Israel of Hillcrest and the Hillcrest community were an integral part of his life. For many years he was an active participant in the teen minyan, as Gabbai, Baal Tefilla, and Baal Koreh. As such, he was able to shine and become an exemplary role model for all those he touched. He felt most comfortable in that environment and so it is with the teen minyan of the Young Israel of Hillcrest that this beautiful Torah will reside. Let us hope and pray that the writing of this Sefer Torah, l’iylui nishmas Dovid Chaim ben Zvi Akiva a”h, be a nechama for us all and may it elevate his neshama closer to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

If you would like to participate in this wonderful mitzvah, please make your check payable to “Young Israel of Hillcrest,” indicating that it is for “David’s Sefer Torah Fund.” Your contribution is not deductible so receipts will not be issued. Please send your check to: Young Israel of Hillcrest, 169-07 Jewel Avenue, Hillcrest, NY 11365. We are planning to have the Sefer Torah completed by David’s first yahrzeit. Details regarding the Hachnasas Sefer Torah will follow.

Thank you for helping make this happen.

Tizku l’mitzvos

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