Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Azkara For David

The Azkara for David will, IY"H, be this Sunday, April 26, at 5 P.M. in YU's Lamport Auditorium

Please try and have all the learning you have pledged done by then, but if not at least by May 7th

It is important that we be able to make a Siyum at the Azkara, so when you finish learning on David's behalf please send me an email @ marczeffren@gmail.com telling me what you learned, so i can determine whether there can be a siyum made at the Azkara.

please keep checking for updates on the exact time of the Azkara

Thank You


  1. The Shloshim is May 1st not the 7th

  2. Rav Schachter said that the learning should be done for the first 30 days after the petira, which is May 7th

  3. Are women invited

  4. Will there be a video broadcast of the Azkara?