Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Chizuk

Dear Chevra,

It has been a very hard day and I am sure many of us are still in disbelief as to how this could happen. I know I am. I would like to share the following Pesach thought which is giving me some chizuk. The Nesivos Shalom writes that Emunah is the belief that Hashem created the world and He runs it. Bitachon means that Hashem has a special relationship with us like a father to a son and just as a father is merachem on a son and never abandons him so to Hashem has infinite rachmanos on us and never abandons us. The Nesivos Shalom writes that this is the essential message of the first dibra (see Ibn Ezra) I am Hashem your G-d (creator and ruler of the world) Who took you out of Egypt (even when klal Yisroel were in the 49th level of tumah Hashem was with them, poised to take them out). Rabosai, Hashem is very close to us. Chazal tell us that the Shechina rests above the head of the sick. Hashem is close to David. Let us hope and pray that just as the bondage in Egypt became severe right before our redemption and then K’Heref Ayin, Hashem took us out, so too may the worst now be behind us and may we see K’Heref Ayin a refuah Shleima for Dovid Chaim Yosef ben Sima Perel. Let us keep in mind Ein od Milvado,as the Nefesh HaChaim explains, these are very powerful words which mean Hashem is the constant source of everything and nothing is beyond His control. Have a chag kasher vsameach and in the zechus of everyone’s tefillos and learning may we hear Bsuros Tovos very soon.

Rabbi Ely Bacon

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  1. David's family and friends would like to thank all of you for your unwaivering support, tehillim, and learning. The incredible response has truly given tremendous chizuk in a most difficult time. There has been, Baruch HaShem, small progress in David's health that we know is due to the efforts of each and every one of you. There is still a long road to recovery and so we ask everyone to be even more mechazek and to continue learning, davening and pushing the lines to HaKadosh Baruch Hu even more. We should only hear B'suros Tovos.