Sunday, April 5, 2009

Important Visiting Info

David's family has asked that no one come after 8 PM. There will be a minyan tonight for Ma'ariv at 715 in the hospital, if you would like to contribute please contact, Aryeh Schlusselberg at or on his cell at 5165470888. At other times during the day, we will be sending 2 people at a time every half hour or hour depending on the family's wishes. Again, the family and hospital are very strict about visitation and do not want anyone coming whenever they want so please, there can be no unannounced visitors. If your would like to visit during the day please talk to Aryeh first.

Thank You


  1. Is he conscious?

  2. I think its truly amazing how the whole Jewish community has come together to do their part. whether its have a communal tehlim gathering, personal tefilos, visiting the sick. These type of occurances, althoug tragic and happy. do however bring out the best Midos of the Orthodox world. He should continue this togetherness even through the good times and only share in Se'machot.

  3. He is not conscious. The doctors put him on a sedative because he has a tube down his throat for breathing. Your continued prayers are much appreciated.