Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mishna Berura

I Vividly recall sitting next to David every day my shana alef in Yeshiva watching him spend every free second plowing through the first chelek of shulchan aruch and mishna brurah. The 20 minutes alloted by the yeshiva were not enough for David because he wanted to conduct himself completely in accordance with halacha. Thank you to everyone for taking upon themselves tehillim and participating in all the learning opportunities b'zchus our precious friend. So much has been done but there is still so much more to do and we need everyones help. As long as we are fighting we know david will be fighting. Therefore, we ask everyone to please find the time and the effort to take on more. We have added a tzedakah campaign and now we are going to try to finish the first chelek of mishna brura. Please sign up for as much as you can and try to finish by the end of Pesach. We have split the simanim into sections of 5 to stay organized but please sign up for as many as you can-echad hamarbeh vechad hamamit uvilvad shiyechavain libo lashamayim

Please try and have this done by the end of Shabbos. thank you

All of Chelek Alef - MMY
1-5 Aaron Malitzky, Reu Berman, Brian Koegel, Nava Dworetsky
6-10 Jason Jacobs, anonymous
11-15 anonymous, Steven Goldman
16-20 Yehoshua Auman, Steven Goldman
21-25 anonymous, Naama Levin
26-30 Sima Horowitz
31-35 Shmuli Stern
36-40 anonymous, Jeremy Erez
41-45 anonymous, Jeremy Erez
46-50 Aaron Malitzky, Ariel Auman, anonymous
51-55 Joey Lehman, anonymous, anonymous
56-60 Yechiel Schwab, J Litton, Gidon Lipstein, Adam Frohlinger, Yoni Weinberg, Yaffi Spodek, Joseph Skydell, David Liechtung, Jason Weinblatt, Sammy Moer, Ariel Reiner, Yonatan S, Yosef van Bemmelen, Adam Sabzevari, Melissa Lowinger, Aaron Ciner, Ariel Auman, Miki Goldstein
61-65 Rebecca Weinstein, Yonatan S, Ariel Auman, Miki Goldstein
66-70 Yossi Jacobs, Ari Berkowitz, Kenny Dvorin, David Liechtung, Stahler, Yonatan S, Carrie Rabinowitz, Miki Goldstein
71-75 Rafi Katz, Ari Berkowitz, Kenny Dvorin, Leah Fried, Rabbi Jon Green, Adam Friedman, David Liechtung, Carrie Rabinowitz, Tamar Gold, Rachel Waldman, Miki Goldstein
76-80 Rafi Katz, Ari Berkowitz, Yossi Faber, Miki Goldstein
81-85 Shanna Naiman, Ari Berkowitz, Jeremy Apfel, Miki Goldstein
86-90 anonymous, Ari Berkowitz, Jeremy Apfel, Bubba Ellman, anonymous, Miki Goldstein
91-95 Baruch and Nati Abittan, Miki Friedmann, Miki Goldstein
96-100 Aaron Fleksher, Evan Chesir, Miki Goldstein
101-105 Baruch and Nati Abittan, Justin Bral
105-110 Baruch and Nati Abittan
111-115 Baruch and Nati Abittan, Talia Reiner
116-120 Eitan Lipstein, Adiel Munk, Dovid Tauber, Eytan Mishkoff, Zachary Lubat, Jacob Moer, Yehuda Williams, Evan Hirschhorn, Judah Rosenbaum, Joseph Skydell, Joshua Teitcher, Ariella Friedman, Jason Weinblatt, Sammy Moer, Yonatan S, anonymous, Michael Plaut
121-125 Adiel Munk, anonymous, Elizabeth Konigsberg, anonymous, Joshua Teitcher, Jason Weinblatt, Sammy Moer, anonymous, Yonatan S, Eli Muschel, anonymous, Mordy Fenster
126-127 Jason Jacobs
All of Chelek Bet - MMY

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  1. if you want to sign up you need to send an email to marczeffren@gmail.com