Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Update

In light of the pain we are all feeling as we reconcile the untimely loss of our precious Dovid Chaim ben Tzvi Akiva a"h, there has been a tremendous outpour in response to this terrible tragedy that has hit home and befallen our community. So many efforts have been made to bring chizuk and nechamah to all of us. To that end, we would like to remind you of what has been organized to help channel our grief and to celebrate David.

1. All the learning that has been committed to thus far should be completed by the Shloshim. Please continue to check the blog for more learning opportunities and other Shloshim information.

2. A book is being compiled for the family with stories and pictures of David and letters to the family. Please email your contribution to so that we can make this project even more meaningful for the Rottenstreichs.

3. David's fierce commitment to learning Torah and his dedication to adhering whole-heartedly to all 613 Mitzvos is something that inspired those around him every day he was living and will continue to touch the lives of our Klal for years to come. Chazal very often compare a Sefer Torah to a human being. For these reasons we have decided to dedicate a Sefer Torah in David's memory to give to his family. To donate to this worthy cause please see the previous post titled "Sefer Torah Dedication" for more information.

Thank you, and we should only see bsuros tovos

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