Sunday, April 5, 2009

One More Thing

Dear Chevra,
As we pray for the refuah shleimah with our tefillos and tehillim for David “Rotty”, I think that as a chevra we should also have a kavua learning for each day, something small, b’zchus a refuah shleimah for Rotty. Thinking about Rotty two things come to mind, “Chofetz Chaim: a Lesson a Day” and Mishna Berura yomi. Rotty is studious in learning Mishna Berura and works extremely hard to not say even a word of Lashon Hara or hurt anyone, friend or not. Therefore, starting today Sunday April 5, 2009 I ask everyone to start learning Chofetz Chaim yomi (to make it easier and so that everyone is learning the same thing) I think we should start at Day 10 (if you would like to catch up from the beginning b’simcha) but so that we follow the official schedule and everyone is on the same lesson each day. At the same time, starting today if one can learn one siyaf (starting with siman aleph, siyaf aleph) of shulchan aruch and mishna berura. I am sure many of us have learned this before but we can always use chazara. Although these are small things (it would take a maximum of 10 minutes a day) such leanring b’zchus Dovid Chaim ben Sima Perel would mamash pierce the highest points in shamayim and along with our Tehillim and Tefillos we should be zocheh to see a complete and speedy recovery to Rotty and a refuah shleimah and that all Gezurus Kashos should be wiped away.

Jonathan Mael
Marc Zeffren


  1. I think one important thing has been left of this site. While we all learn and pray with hopes that through our learning and praying we will reach higher levels and be zocheh to hashgachat hashem and a refuah sheleima for david, we should realize the gift we have to be able to do these things. It a shame that something terrible like this has to happen in order for us to realize this gift. We should all take advantage of the clarity of mind we have right now as to what is important in life, and be mechazak ourselves to do teshuva.

  2. "Mi K'Amcha Yisroel Goy Echud B'Aaretz" Thats all i can think about. As soon as i heard about the sight i signed up for tehillim and watched as in only minutes, the entire sefer was filled up and they began to do doubles on each perek. now there are so many ppl signed up for so many things. Never before have i seen the jewish peoples reaction and response in a situation that was so close to home. may david have a major refueh shelaima . amen,