Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Praying with Fire

"If one merely opens his eyes a little wider, looks out into his world
a little further and listens to his fellow's words a little more
closely, one quickly realizes that the world is with those who are in
need of one's prayers. While our period of Jewish history is
comparatively peaceful and prosperous, hearts are not still. Lives are
not tranquil.Even those with relatively few troubles struggle with the
numbness and exhaustion brought on by hectic 24/6 lives.

Why does all the heartache present itself? While Hashem's reasons are
not apparent to us, the impact is evident: When one's neighbor is
afflicted, one is able to feel for him, to empathize with his plight
on a personal level and build upon the connections that unite one Jew
to another. Born in a generation that basically is blessedly free of
worries over bare substance, each Jew has the emotional capacity to
feel for others, if only he desires to do so.

As Rav Mattisyahu Saloman stated, " the hardships are to bing us to
reach up to hashem with higher levels of prayer and to reach out to
our fellow Jews with higher levels of compassion." It is the
combination of these two ingredients that perfects the formula for the
ultimate redemption. For redemption depends upon both the sincere
prayers and the deep-seated unity of the Jewish people."

- adapted from an article by Rabbi Heshy Klymann

Bezras Hashem as a result of the unification of Klal Yisroel through
learning and davening b'zchus the refuah shleima of Dovid Chaim Yosef
ben Sima Perel, we will not only merit a Refua Shleima for our beloved
David, but also merit the ultimate redemption.

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  1. for a more in depth discussion of the topic above, see the book 'Praying With Fire' and 'Praying With Fire 2', by Rabbi Heshy Kleinman. Both are a five minute lesson a day about how to increase one's power of tefillah and how to grow in emunah and understanding of what Hashem wants from us.