Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Message From the Family

Thank you for all of your tefillos and learning on behalf of our beloved David Chaim ben Sima Perel. It is your support and prayer that are helping us and David through this. Here is a brief explanation of his critical condition:

David was diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs on Thursday night, April 2nd. Friday morning he woke up with a very high fever and was brought to New York Hospital of Queens. There, he was diagnosed with staphylococcus pneumonia, a very serious infection that attacked his lungs. The doctors decided that it would be better if he would be in the city in case of an emergency. He was transfered to Cornell in the city moments before Shabbos. At Cornell, he suffered severe lung damage which caused respiratory failure. Due to the respiratory failure, David's heart began to shut down. As a last resort, David was taken to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, to the ICU, where they have a life support machine that bypasses the lungs and heart. The doctors are hoping that they will be able to sustain him on the life support machine, so they can continue to fight the infection. If they are able to fight the infection, they hope to be able to slowly bring him off the machine and to a full recovery. Right now, some of his blood levels are slightly better, B"H, and we are hoping that slowly we will see baby steps to a refuah shelima.

Medically, they are doing everything they can and will continue to do so, but we all know that the Borei Olam can do anything and we continue to seek his help and guidance.
Thank you again for all of your tefillos, learning and support. Please continue to do everything you can with David in mind, we need all the support possible.

WIth much love,

The Rottenstreich Family


  1. We're praying for David to have a speedy refuah shelaimah. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Rona and Seymour


    A young Israel of Hillcrest congregan.

    I'm sure he'll pull thru.

  3. I will pray daily for David's healing.
    Lucille Scott

  4. Every shul in the community is dovening, saying tehillim and learning lizchut a refua shlema for david chaim yossef ben sima perl. May HKB"H answer all our tfillos bekarov...